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Shooting into the light – Experiments in HDR

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I have been experimenting with high dynamic range (HDR) photography since 2008. I first became interested when I was researching for an application for artist-in-residence at The Lowry Theatre, Salford, Manchester, UK. I was searching for reference images on and came across HDR photos and was struck by the increased perception of detail and colour depth.

At first, it was a very frustrating technique to use and it took me a while to get any results that I was in the least satisfied with. Just to make things even harder for myself, here are a few recent examples of my experiments shooting directly into the sun.

I use Photomatix Pro for post-processing 3 exposure bracketed images with +/- 2EV. I mostly shoot hand-held and find that the combination of Canon image-stabilised (IS) lenses and the software correction of Photomatix Pro (usually) compensates for my WobblyCam shooting.

Lots more HDR photography on my Flickr account.

Photomatix Pro is available here:


Higgar Tor and Burbage Edge, Peak District, UK

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I did the Lyke Wake Walk in 1983 with a friend. We saw a cloud inversion off Carlton Bank, North Yorkshire, UK and neither of us had a camera. I’ve waited 27 years for this. These days I rarely go anywhere without at least 3 cameras. Sometimes a lot more.┬áMore photos at Flickr.


Happy New Year 2010

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More photos on Flickr.