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How many professional photographers does it take to get a decent photo?

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Myself and Susanne at the artist's talk by Laurie Anderson at Sensoria 2012, Sheffield, UK

More than two, apparently.

In 1981 Radio 1 DJ John Peel played the eight-and-a-half minute single “O Superman” by Laurie Anderson. This was the first time I had heard her name and also the very first time I had heard the term “performance artist”.

Since that time Laurie Anderson’s work, marrying words, music and visuals, has been a seminal influence on my own creative and production technique. However, it never occurred to me that I would actually get to speak to her, never mind make physical contact. Consequently, confronted by an unexpected meeting, I delivered the brief eulogy of an awkward seventeen-year-old, recalling my first exposure to her work in 1981.

Myself and Susanne Palzer, also an artist and professional photographer, managed to get a sum total of three poor mobile phone photos due to us being absolutely star-struck. I have worked on events for many years and have met many famous people. On one occasion Henry Winkler called me “sir” and on another I directed Morgan Spurlock to the toilets, but this is the first time I was actually giddy.

More than 30 years later, I was present at the UK premier of Laurie Anderson’s new performance work “Another Day in America” at Sheffield City Hall as part of Sensoria 2012.

Fortunately Jacqui Bellamy aka Pixelwitch Pictures was at the gig to cover the official photography.

Sensoria is Sheffield’s annual festival of Film and Music, named after the track by iconic Sheffield band Cabaret Voltaire.