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The Quadrant, Sheffield, UK – Promotional Video V1

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At last, after a rather long process, I have finished a version of my promotional video for The Quadrant, a serviced office space in Sheffield, UK. Commissioned on behalf of CVC Event Services.
It’s entirely time-lapse video shot on-site, and some of it is high dynamic range (HDR), post-processed with Photomatix Pro. Music by Laurence Alexander.


The Quadrant Video Shoot – HDR timelapse experiments with CHDK

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These are some fragments from a HDR timelapse shoot at The Quadrant, a serviced office space in Sheffield, UK. Below are some short examples of HDR timelapse video created with Canon PowerShot cameras “hacked” with the Canon Hack Development Kit (CHDK), an open-source software program. The HDR is achieved by shooting 3 exposures for each shot, one normal exposure, one +2 EV and one -2 EV. The results are post-processed with Photomatix into tone-compressed jpegs, the result of which is to produce an image with a much greater colour depth.¬†These are then compiled into movies using QuickTime Pro. The result is a moving image that can accommodate a very high dynamic range without losing either the highlights or the shadows. It’s very processing-intensive but the results are impressive and produced with domestic-scale equipment (and a lot of patience).

Watch them in 720p HD on Vimeo or YouTube and stay tuned for a proper edit. Music by Sieben aka Matt Howden.


Are you looking at me? – The Wayne Sables Project

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Laura White and Carly Brookfield improvising for camera tests at the Barnsley Civic, Barnsley, UK. The tests are to experiment with extreme slow motion treatment in post-production. We only intended to gather test material but it is so good we hope to make finished video work from it.


Less is More – The Quadrant, Sheffield, UK – Video Shoot

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I have been commissioned to make a promotional video for The Quadrant, a serviced office space in Sheffield, UK, on behalf of CVC Event Services. Shooting of the live content has gone well, although there is still much to do, including the time-lapse portion.


Portrait of the Artist as a Researcher

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Day one of my Access Space Small Research & Development Bursary 2011.


The Secret Life of Buildings – HDR Timelapse Video

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This is a workflow test of High Dynamic Range (HDR) time-lapse capture of the Furnival Building, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK.

It was created using a Canon Powershot digital still camera and CHDK software.

Thanks to Yorkshire Artspace Society for access to Persistence Works, Sheffield, UK.