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More Cake & Less Movement – Doc vs Promo

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New Manor Ware by Frances Priest

Here are two edits of a documentary video I have just completed for Edinburgh-based artist Frances Priest. She has just completed a residency at Yorkshire Artspace’s Manor Oaks Studios and the video was commissioned to document her work and cover an event at Sheffield Manor Lodge, UK.

The Turret House at Sheffield Manor Lodge

We originally agreed to make a subtle documentary edit with primarily timelapse video and sound design. However, the event was such a success, and the live video so good, I decided to make more of a promo edit that attempts to represent the event and all the organisations involved.

However, we agreed that an alternative edit, closer to the original brief, would be more in keeping with Frances’ existing online presence. “More cake and less movement” was my direction.

Both versions were made with the same material but edited very differently.

New Manor Ware is an artwork by Frances Priest, commissioned by Yorkshire Artspace, UK. The designs are based on elements from the ceiling in the banqueting room of The Turret House (1574) at Sheffield Manor Lodge.

The time-lapse was captured using the Canon Hack Development Kit (CHDK) using Canon PowerShot A560 compact cameras. The still photography was shot on a Canon EOS SLR and post-processed with Photomatix Pro from 3 exposures.

Camera and edit by Richard Bolam.


Tha knows: Toddla T’s music guide to Sheffield

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From featuring some time-lapse video of Kid Acne, shot by yours truly.

Tha knows: Toddla T’s music guide to Sheffield


The Secret Life of Buildings – HDR Timelapse Video

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This is a workflow test of High Dynamic Range (HDR) time-lapse capture of the Furnival Building, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK.

It was created using a Canon Powershot digital still camera and CHDK software.

Thanks to Yorkshire Artspace Society for access to Persistence Works, Sheffield, UK.